1- Dashboard  

 Firstly you will land to Dashboard tab. Here you can see four sections:

  1. First section has Statistics for already added events and management option buttons (Add new Observance, View Settings, and View All Observance)
  2. Second section has details of currently “Ongoing Active Observances” which can be edited by clicking the Edit hyperlink.  
  3. Third section has the top three “Recent Observance details”
  4. Fourth section has the top three “Upcoming Observance” details which can be edited/deleted by clicking the Delete |Edit hyperlink


2- Observance/Events

Click on View All Observances button from dashboard or just Click to Observances/Events tab.

  1. You would see a Calendar here which is by default set to current month; displaying name of already added events (if any).
  2. By clicking Next and Back arrow you can then navigate to any month from current to the next or previous.


  1. Click to an event name and that will lead to the edit page of that very specific event.


4. Click to any date from calendar that will open a popup to create a new event for that date.

5. In second section you can view the list and details of all existing Observance/Events which can be edited/deleted by clicking to the Delete|Edit hyperlinks.


3- Add Observance Events

Click the Add new Observances button from dashboard or just Click the Add Observances Event tab.

  1. Add Observance page will appearimage04

2. Enter data to mandatory fields having asterisk (*)

Add Observance:

Short Title (Mandatory): Short name of your event/observance that will appear on the calendar as event name.

Title (Optional): Descriptive name/title of your event/observance that will appear on the title bar of the banner

Event Date (Mandatory): First enter/select date from calendar to date field. Then set no of days to start an event before the selected/entered date. By moving the blue slider knobs to left you can see date and days in(-ve) with tooltip.

Basic Tab:

The last section is to get the basic information of an event/observance

Target URL (Optional): Will be the page link you want to take the user to.  

Checkbox (Optional): Check(Y)/Uncheck(N) to Open target URL in a new window

Banner (Mandatory): Click the Upload button to add an image within the event to set it as a Banner (ideal banner images dimension are mentioned below the field: 1200px*520px)

Click Preview to view the event you have created before publishing it.

Click Publish if you are sure about data you have entered.  

Or click Save Draft if you are not sure or do not want to published the event at the moment.

Published Date, Modified Date and Status (Published or Draft) will be visible only when an event is either published or saved as draft.

4- Settings

Click View Settings button from dashboard or just Click the Settings tab


1. Setting option are available here to set preview of your event/observance.

2. By default, options will be set to default values which can be changed specifically for any event.  


Show Title Bar? Check | Uncheck to show the title bar within event preview

Vertical Position: Bottom | Top of the page

Horizontal Position: Right | Left of the page

Theme: Light Theme | Dark Theme

Animation Effect: Slide Animation | Fold Animation | No Animation

Click Preview after applying changes in settings to view your changes in demo event

Click Save Settings to apply confirm changes to an event.

Or click Restore Default Settings if you do not want to apply any change and just want to keep an event with the default settings.

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